The proper planning of your corporate move is like a math problem that needs to be solved. As a first step we visit in person and offer your company a firm quote with an innovative, actionable game plan incorporating all the important factors, both big and small, that add up to a successful move.

These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • calculation of appropriate number of movers for the amount of furniture,
  • elevator move in and move out times,
  • proper type & amount of packing supplies,
  • appropriate truck length and height for both buildings,
  • parking and no stopping zones...just to name a few.


We deliver the following supplies several days before move day:

  • Plastic Moving Totes
  • Packing Paper
  • Envelopes
  • Markers
  • Office Moving Location Tags - specially designed to not fall off during the move, but easily pulled off without leaving any residue when move is done. One color is designated for each destination that furniture is being delivered to (ie address 1, address 2, 22nd floor, 23rd floor, disposal etc). These will be used to location tag new offices at destination and furniture at pick up location.
  • Plastic Computer Bags for packing cords, mice and keyboards from computers and electronic equipment.
  • Bubble wrap and picture boxes for pictures, if applicable.


To ensure that each piece arrives at the correct room at your new location, location tag each room or work area from left to right, from 1 to however many rooms or work areas there are. Clearly post the number on the door frame using the office moving location tags provided. Each employee is then given the number corresponding to their new office or work area. Download and fill out this diagram HERE (and post on door frame) to guide your move team on your preferred furniture layout within the room (desk facing wall, desk facing window etc).


Once employee placement at new office has been decided on, and each office numbered accordingly, each furniture piece can then be location tagged with the appropriate number (and color, if applicable) corresponding to the room that piece is going to in your new location.


  • Bookcases: Pack all contents and location tag the unit itself. Remove loose shelves, bundle together and tape on TOP of packing paper (so that finish is not damaged), and place location tag on each bundle. Remove loose shelf pins, wrap in a piece of packing paper, and tape inside the bookcase itself so that they do not get lost during the move.
  • Computers: All computers and electronics will need to be disconnected and location tagged (with office moving location tags provided) prior to the move. Place a location tag on the monitor, hard drive, speakers, printer and any other peripherals for that computer. Pack all disconnected cords, mouse and keyboards in the plastic "computer bags" provided, with the bag itself location tagged. Movers will wrap and move the CPU's and screens on specially designed computer carts. Laptop computers should be taken home and returned to your new location after the move.
  • Desks/Cubicles/Workstations: Pack contents of all drawers in moving totes, and seal loose items such as pens, pencils, paper clips and rubber bands in envelopes provided before placing them in the bins. Lock drawers once empty, if key is available. Location tag each piece of multi piece desk sets, returns, u-shape workstations etc. These will usually be disassembled and re-assembled by the moving crew.
  • File Cabinets: Empty file cabinets down to the bottom 2 drawers if metal, or empty completely if cabinets are wood or if the cabinets are being moved up or down any stairs. Lock drawers once empty, if key is available.
  • Pictures (Large): Wrap with bubble wrap and place into picture box with crumpled packing paper on bottom. Pack small pictures, diplomas, etc in plastic totes.
  • Plastic totes: Place location tag on the SIDE of the tote with biggest surface area, instead of on top or on the end. Make use of the packing paper provided for wrapping fragile items.
  • Sofas: As location tags do not adhere to upholstered furniture, affix location tags to metal or wood arm rests or chair legs. Sofas are wrapped in a protective plastic seal by our moving team prior to moving.
  • Whiteboards & Corkboards: Apply location tag and leave on wall for our moving team to take down and move. (Note that movers do not re-attach to wall at your new location, as this involves a different trade and skill set).

Once everything is loaded, our move team will do a walk-through at your original office to make sure that everything that is supposed to go is on the truck.

It is very helpful if you as the client are extra attentive when the move team is unloading at your new location to give additional guidance on appropriate placement for each piece of furniture, if needed. Our moving system is designed so that with your moving director and our move team working together, everything is delivered with speed and efficiency to its designated spot on moving day.

Our move team will do a final walk through with your moving coordinator at your new location to make sure that everything is in its proper place.

Once satisfied, your moving coordinator will sign off on the move and your move is complete!

Contact us today for a free on-site quotation.

Our office moving experts carefully consider your company's moving requirements and provide an innovative, actionable game plan to go along with a firm, written quote.