The workplace is often filled with uncertainty and no more so than when moving offices. The prospect of moving may be viewed as an opportunity by some while others may see it as a threat. Office managers who notice any signs of distress should take the appropriate steps to create a supportive environment for all concerned.

Employees who feel stressed about a move may be unable to make important decisions or focus properly on their work. This could cause some employees to become withdrawn or aggressive and result in strained relationships with co-workers. Not a good situation for employees or the company. The following suggestions can minimize the stress on employees when moving offices.

  1. Involve them in the process – Providing as much notice as possible will help ease any concerns that more unexpected changes are coming. Including employees in this way fosters an atmosphere of trust which is important to the success of any business.
  2. Model open communication – Share a timeline for the move and encourage open communication for everyone affected by the change. Being involved in the process with regular updates allows employees to better concentrate on their work. Hiring professional office movers to prepare comprehensive management results in relieving stress for both management and workers.
  3. Be optimistic – Focus on how the move benefits employees as well as the company and fits in with the company’s vision for the future. Many times employees feel a move is about the company’s bottom line especially if it means downsizing.
  4. Be honest – When the move is due to downsizing be upfront about possible lost jobs. Providing as much notice as possible when this is the situation will ease any anxiety resulting from the uncertainty. Offer counselling and support for employees and their families if you can manage it, if not provide alternate counselling options available. It is essential to treat employees with dignity and the respect they deserve during this time of upheaval.
  5. Ease their burden – Instead of burdening a few employees with tasks related to the move delegate some to each person. If possible reduce the core workload during the move. Demonstrate a business as usual atmosphere, the consistency can provide comfort during the transition period.

While it may not be possible to address every concern it is our hope the suggestions above prove helpful. Hiring professional business movers helps minimize the disruption to the daily operations delivering peace of mind for your entire staff. Contact Vancouver Corporate Movers for your next office move in Vancouver and join the thousands of clients we’ve helped enjoy a successful office move.

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