The day you find that perfect new office space the one you envisioned for your business is so exciting. Caught up in the excitement it’s essential to notify clients, suppliers and other external partners of the details of your upcoming move. Clear communication and the timing are the most important factors when informing external partners.

Choose the right person to communicate an office move – Including your external partners as the office move progresses demonstrates that you value your business relationships. Use the move to your new facility to show you’re all in this together which is the reason you need to choose the right person for the task. It should never be delegated to a junior staff member or done through emails.

Communicate an office move with social media – Depending on the type of business you could share pictures of a packing party or your new facility on social media if appropriate. Capitalize on the opportunity to encourage customers to join your social networks. Have you ever known any move to go smoothly, why not share some of the little hiccups to promote understanding of possible service delays or mixups. Overall you want to reassure clients and suppliers that it’s business as usual.

At a minimum, you’ll need to communicate the following with external partners.

  • Your complete address and any phone number change
  • Provide adequate notice of any service interruptions ( disconnected phone lines, shipping delays ) so clients can make alternative arrangements if necessary.
  • Timing is important, you want to avoid office moves during your busiest season.
  • If a deadline conflict is unavoidable it’s important to furnish key clients with alternative ways to communicate eg mobile numbers or consider securing a conference room in a nearby hotel.
  • Once the move is complete and you’re receiving mail at the new premises notice should be issued on a new company letterhead.
  • Remember to update your company website and if appropriate post information during the move to let clients in case there are service delays.

Keeping your external partners informed as your move progresses is a great way to have them share in the excitement. Moving to new premises should be viewed as a positive step towards your company fulfilling their vision for the future. Point out the ways it will benefit them as well for example reduced supply chain lead times, shipping costs or improved quality control.

Every business has their own specialty, at Vancouver Corporate Movers we specialize in helping companies just like yours experience worry free moves.

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